Aviva relaunch looks to ‘weaponise’ the brand’s emotional power

As Aviva kicks off a high profile brand relaunch and repositioning, group brand reputation director Raj Kumar sees a brighter future for both the company and its customer base.


When Amanda Blanc was named Aviva CEO last July, the personal finance brand immediately set to work refreshing its purpose and positioning, under the banner of ‘With You For A Better Tomorrow’.

Starting with a 60-second ad premiering tonight (10 April), Aviva is making the relaunch official. Shot in Scotland under supervised Covid restrictions, the film traces the life of a successful businesswoman, and the various ups and downs along the way. The film ends with the realisation that thoughts of a brighter future need not be the end of a journey, rather the beginning of a new one.

“We haven’t shied away from the realities of life. We haven’t gone down a comedy route or something like that,” explains Aviva’s group brand and reputation director, Raj Kumar.

“We wanted to reflect life, especially with what’s been happening. What we didn’t want to do is something light and bouncy that might have jarred.”

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