Graduation Gift Woes? Go For Quick Loans!


Often, we desire to provide our children with graduation gifts to congratulate them on their achievement (only four years in college is a significant feat of discipline and focus) and set them on their way to an independent adult life (hopefully, they should). You are no different.

Unfortunately, your funds are running low particularly as college is an expensive foray for any parent. Not to fret. There are affordable graduation gifts you can give your graduate even on the relatively small amount of quick loans.

Buy Shares of Stocks

This graduation gift is relatively affordable with prestigious stocks starting at $40 a share. If you get quick loans of $500, you can get the graduate 10 shares!

Of course, this might seem a very small amount for a multi-billion dollar company but your child can acquire actual practice in stocks trading and avail of dividends and stock options. Everybody must start somewhere before they can be the next Warren Buffet and your child can start here. You can get them a stock in a company they have interest in.

Purchase a Car

Well, at least a second-hand car with your quick loans. At the very least, your child has viable transport for his job hunting activities.

If your child is into restoring vintage cars, then this is the perfect gift for him. Who knows if this is the start of a business for him? With the economic slump, your child might find his way in this world in self-employment. Give him a head start.

If your quick loans still allow it, you can provide your child with pocket money to start a road trip. Of course, you must arm yourself with determination not to fuss and worry about your child’s safety on the road. Indeed, letting go is harder for a parent than it is for a child but it is possible.

Get Airline Tickets

You can give your child the gift of a vacation in a sun-kissed resort. You can contact a travel agency to inquire about rates and see if your quick loans can cover the basic cost.

Of course, if it does not, you can always ask your graduate to put his newly-acquired life skills to the test. He can augment your gift with a part-time job either before going to the resort or at the resort itself. At the very least, you give him an idea of how hard it is to earn money and how easy it is to squander it on discos and drinks.

But if it does not sound right to you, then dig into your savings. After all, your new graduate deserves it and it probably is the last thing you will do for him. Maybe, maybe not. Remember that his wedding is still coming up but nothing that quick loans and savings cannot remedy.

However, if you are still reluctant to use the quick loans you do avail of to finance these gifts, you can always opt for the usual jewelry, shoes, techie gadgets, and dresses. If you package these gifts very attractively, appeal to your child’s love and assure him that your small gift is not a reflection of your big love, then you have given him the best graduation gift possible.

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