How Camden Town is finding ‘creative ways to be frugal’

Camden Town Brewery focused on ROI and creativity during lockdown to improve the effectiveness of its marketing and it is taking lessons from that through to its new TV ad, which it claims is the first ‘drinkable’ TV spot.

Camden Town Brewery’s new TV ad features QR codes that customers can scan to get a free beer

Camden Town Brewery is trying to find “creative ways to be frugal” as it looks to increase marketing effectiveness in light of coronavirus.

The craft beer company continued marketing during lockdown and now, as lockdown rules ease, it is launching the first “drinkable” TV campaign with the aim of increasing the reach of its activity and boosting trial of its beers.

Camden Town’s marketing director André Amaral believes it was vital to keep marketing during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic because “we have been in momentum and we didn’t want coronavirus to stop that.”

However he was aware that its marketing needed to change and “find creative ways to be a bit more frugal”.

He explains: “At times like this we felt like we should be present in people’s lives and we know we have objectives that still need to be achieved, so we needed to do things that were more meaningful and relevant to consumers.”

The brand focused more on ROI then before, coming up with ideas it knew would garner headlines and earned media. This included rebranding its Camden Hells lager to Camden Heroes to support NHS workers, with the proceeds of every can donated to healthcare charities and NHS staff about to order a free six-pack of the beer.

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