How to Extend the Life of Magnetic Screen Doors

Whether you are new to the concept of magnetic screen doors or you’ve already got several installed, you want to squeeze the most value possible from your purchase.

Luckily, the best of these products are relatively easy to care for, especially in contrast to costly options like custom storm doors or retractable and swinging screen doors.

With a handful of simple tips and techniques to add to your toolkit, you can maximize the lifetime of your magnetic screen doors. Here’s how.

Proper Installation

There is no better way to ensure the longevity of your new magnetic screen door than starting with a comprehensive installation. 

We know you’re eager to get your new DIY project finished, but taking the time to read the user manual and installing it to manufacturer specifications is a must.

The great thing is magnetic screen door installation is a dream, requiring only a few simple steps:

  • Make sure the door frame is clean and free of any debris
  • Lay out the two sides of the screen door on a flat surface and close the magnets shut
  • Hold the door up to the door frame to find the proper position
  • Affix the door to the frame using thumbtacks, tape, or whatever preferred material the manufacturer includes

As a pro tip, make sure the screen door is large enough to cover the dimensions of your entryway, before buying. If it is larger than your door frame, refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for necessary adjustments. 

Thankfully, most doorways and screens match up size-wise without a problem, requiring minimal modification.

Have Backup Magnets and Mesh Patches

Between research and proper installation, you’re set up for success with your screen door. But even so, anything can happen, and you may have to make small repairs here and there.

Fortunately, this kind of maintenance is affordable and can be learned by people of all levels of handiness. Mesh patches can easily mend any tears or rips that develop from usage. Damaged magnets can be easily swapped out. We suggest buying backups sooner than later so you aren’t scrambling around at the worst possible moment.

Avoid Cheap Alternatives

Many products on the market seem like the real deal, but end up too good to be true. When finding your perfect magnetic screen door, there are a few key factors to look for. 

The first points are non-negotiable: it must have plenty of magnets to ensure a secure hold and feature self-closing magnetic mechanisms.

Whether you’re in the humid south or windy mountains, you want a door with heavy-duty mesh resistance to bugs, the elements, and other potential wear and tear. The door should also have proper edge construction to withstand frequent use, especially if pets and kids are in the mix. 

Clean Mesh

To maximize the lifespan of your magnetic screen door, get in the habit of cleaning the mesh as it gets dirty from exposure to the elements. At minimum, perform a deep scrub twice a year.

In terms of tools, a feather duster can help remove any dust and debris trapped in the fine mesh. For a deeper clean, use mild soap and water to remove any grime or buildup. Allow the screen to dry before reinstallation.

Clean Magnets

A superior magnetic mesh door will come equipped with plenty of durable magnets. You may not realize that maintaining the cleanliness of the magnets themselves can extend their life and prevent the need for replacement.

Grime and debris that build up on the surface can affect their magnetic field and, in turn, the strength of their hold. Simply wiping them off with clean soapy water can remedy this issue.

Correct Pet Behaviors

Pets love anything new in their environment. They are naturally curious and often mischievous. Cats and puppies especially love climbing, scratching, chewing, and clawing on things. 

The great thing is the magnetic screen door will be a handy addition to your household for letting pets in and out for bathroom breaks. Once installed, monitor and correct destructive pet behaviors to lengthen the life of the mesh door.

Teach Children Proper Operation

Children are naturally playful, always curious, and occasionally destructive. The great thing is a magnetic screen door is simple to operate, even for the rowdiest child. 

Although opening the door requires a simple push-through, take the time to teach children not to rip at, climb on, or otherwise treat the door like a toy.

Inspect Door for Damage

Although heavy-duty mesh can withstand the elements and a good amount of abuse, occasionally, rips and tears happen. This natural wear and tear is to be expected.

Regular inspection of the door can help you catch a problem when it is small and easier to remedy. Identifying these problems and making adjustments sooner than later can extend the life of your magnetic screen door.


A magnetic screen door is a great addition to your home. Providing all manner of benefits while also being cost-effective. Take the time to learn these simple tips to maximize its life cycle for many seasons of use.

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