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In the age of social media where the status, comments and social shares of a person or a company plays a crucial role in influencing others the importance of the Facebook page and its fan page engagement cannot be ignored. A Facebook page is not only just an identity, but it is also the platform through which you can share or educate about their products and services. Having a Facebook page is not only good for marketing or consumer engagement but the traffic generated through social media can be used for quality lead generation which can further be used for increasing the sales revenue and maximizing the profits. You can very easily increase their fans on the Facebook page by adopting some of the strategies mentioned in this blog:

1 Use engaging educational and problem-solving content:

If someone is really serious about improving their Facebook likes and fan engagement then he must start uploading engaging, educational and problem-solving content for his followers. This is why, because if a follower is able to solve his problem through your valuable content, then there are more chances of the follower to become your customer.

The content must be motivational, inspirational as well as educational. The content must be mostly related to the benefits of the products or service or we can say that the content must provide some real-time value to the fellow customers.

2 Facebook Live: Some of the best strategies to increase organic likes to your Facebook page is to go Facebook live and market out your product or service in an educational or consulting manner.

So before going live on Facebook, one should promote more promotional graphics like the “coming soon”. This is one of the most hidden styles of marketing used by movie makers to attract more crowds and to get more branding. 

While going live on Facebook, one must avoid all sorts of distractions and start the live video just at the right time to get more audience and thus increasing more clicks.

3 Facebook Ads: When it comes to fan engagement Facebook ads are among the best tools for increasing the followers and boosting the likes. You can use low-cost engagement tools inside the Facebook business manager to bring more quality traffic. There you can use options like engagement, send message options and many other low costs tools.

Facebook Ads are one of the most cost-effective tools when it comes to both lead generation as well as fan page engagement. If you try to boost Facebook posts then more are the chances of getting more followers to your Facebook page.

4 Inviting your Facebook Friends: If you really have more than 1000 friends on Facebook then half of the job is done. You can easily invite them to like your page, read your educational contents and if the contents are worthy enough then you can encourage them for more social shares. In this way, you can get more and more quality engagement fans to your Facebook page without spending a fortune.

5 Sharing the content on other social media platforms: Apart from Facebook you should also know the art of marketing the contents in other social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, youtube, snapchat, tik-tok. In this you can get more branding with limited content and more social shares. 

6 Linking Social media to your website: If you really have a good traffic flow to your website then you can use this traffic to leverage out your social media platform, in this way you can increase organic likes and social shares to your Facebook page.

In this way, your website may get more traffic from different social media channels. Therefore the more the traffic the more the leads and thus more the sales.

7 Posting-Frequency: When coming to the posting frequency,  you should post their quality content regularly and must also focus on what the fellow users are commenting about our blog. In this way, you will get to know more about market trends and sales predictions.  

One more thing is that if you post quality content regularly then the traffic flow to your social media page will increase automatically. Also, you must remember that the quality of the content must be educational not marketing oriented.

8 Viral Marketing Strategy: To increase more fans to your Facebook page, you should know the art of viral marketing which means you should provide the contents which are really unusual in nature. This is because usually the normal contents not get registred inside the mind. You should also remember that the content must contain some positive as well as negative emotions but it should not be neutral otherwise the strategy will not work. 

If the content goes viral then it will spread like a wildfire and in this way you can get more fan engagement to your Facebook page.

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