Know All About The Roadside Assistance Cover Under Two Wheeler Insurance

Importance of Roadside Assistance Cover For Two-wheeler Insurance?

The feeling of riding a bike during a long-awaited road trip is truly amazing and definitely unmatched. However, if you believe that basic two-wheeler insurance is sufficient protection, reconsider. Regular bike insurance won’t be much assistance if you suffer a flat tyre or, worse yet, if your two-wheeler breaks down in the middle of nowhere when you’re planning long-distance trips. 

The Roadside Assistance insurance rider provides your daring spirit wings in such circumstances. So that you are not left stranded on uncharted roads alone, you may seek professional assistance on how to claim two-wheeler insurance to fix your bike with the use of a roadside assistance cover. 

What does cover for roadside assistance mean? 

You may also buy two-wheeler insurance online and choose a Roadside Assistance add-on with it to save time and guarantee a frictionless transaction. 

When you venture outdoors to discover new things, a Roadside Assistance Cover serves as a dependable travelling companion. Finding qualified assistance, however, in the event that your bike breaks down can be difficult without 2-wheeler insurance and Roadside Assistance Cover. 

In the event that you become stranded in the middle of the road, the insurance provider will offer towing, on-the-spot repairs, a different mode of transportation, emergency lodging, along with key replacement. 

Therefore, having Roadside Assistance Cover in addition to bike insurance can be really helpful, especially if you travel frequently. Additionally, the availability of bike insurance online has made third-party two-wheeler insurance purchases simple. 

Benefits of roadside assistance add-on

  • On-the-spot repairs: If your trip has been put on hold due to a minor issue, a Roadside Assistance Cover can get you back on the road quickly. 
  • Drained Battery: The likelihood of your bike’s battery failing increases if you are travelling during the wet season. You can simply wait in such a situation behind a shed while dialling your insurance provider, who will then send a technician around to recharge your bike’s battery. 
  • Empty fuel tank: It’s possible that you were so engrossed in the drive that you forgot to stop for gas. Calling your insurance provider will allow you to take a brief break while they send someone to assist you with refuelling on the spot rather than having to push your bike to the nearest gas station. Above a particular point, additional fuel charges can be applicable here. 
  • Flat Tire: If your tyre goes flat, you must stop right away since a flat tyre prevents a bike from moving forward. Here, the Roadside Assistance Cover can be useful because your insurance company will send a bike expert who will repair the puncture so you can continue travelling. 
  • Accident services: Should an accident occur while you are travelling, you can contact your insurance company to have your bike hauled to the closest garage. They could also aid in cab reservations.  
  • Alternative transportation: If your automobile is out of commission for a few days as a result of the damages and required repairs, you can obtain another bike to carry you around until your bike is in the garage. 
  • Emergency transportation: If your bike needs to be taken away and you need to get home, or to the closest city, Roadside Assistance also covers the supply of emergency transportation, such as a cab. Depending on how far the trip was, there can be additional fees.
  • Emergency lodging: If you are outside of your home city and your automobile needs to be hauled away or repaired for more than a day, your two-wheeler insurance provider will make arrangements for an emergency hotel room for you. Be mindful of any fees that may be due here. 

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