McCain on why brand purpose must be a long-term play to yield results

McCain has added 1.2 million households to its customer base over the past year, which it puts down, in part, to its focus on connecting families through its purpose-driven marketing.

McCain believes brands must help causes in dire need of a voice, as failing to do so will usher them into obscurity in the eyes of upcoming generations of consumers.

Speaking to Marketing Week, McCain Food’s marketing director Mark Hodge says purpose campaigns are vital to brands, otherwise consumers will perceive them as “commercially minded” and seek others that are more in line with their values.

“I think you’ll come across as not being considerate of either the people buying your products or the impact you as a business are having on the environment, society and families,” says Hodge.

“These are the types of things when I look back 20 or 30 years, that weren’t on consumer radars. But you look around now and it’s very much of where consumers expect brands to be. This is important more than ever, especially with younger Gen Z and millennial audiences. They are expecting more and looking for brands that are actively trying to do the right thing.”

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