The Top 3 Favorite Meals Cooked on a Propane Camp Stove in the World!

The universal answer to the 3 favorite meals is as follows:

(1) Breakfast, you may have a different favorite for your region. Our classic will be pancakes, eggs, hash browns and a lot of bacon. This meal will require you to have 4-burner stove if you want to have everything finish at the same time. It is possible to do on a 2-burner stove, cook the hash browns and bacon first then the eggs and pancakes. I have tried it both ways and the end result is the same. Hot Tip: Substitute walleye for bacon. People all over the world enjoy a nice hot meal in the morning.

(2) Lunch, one of our examples of everybody’s favorite, tacos on the camping stove. This can easily be done on a double burner propane stove. Put your meat sauce in one pan, and use another to heat up your tortilla shells. Another good option if tacos aren’t doing it for you. Is that lunch is also a good time to heat up any leftovers from previous meals. Everybody around the world knows what to do after a nice hot lunch, take a siesta!

(3) Dinner, this can be the most rewarding and satisfying meal of the day. Many people may have a favorite of their own. Our number one favorite example is pan beer battered walleye, wild rice, and green beans with onions and bacon. Now a 3-burner propane stove would make this easy, or a 4-burner stove. A two burner stove would be tricky, but possible. I have done it on a two burner before and prefer to cook the wild rice then the green beans with onions. I find it is easier to keep the wild rice warm and ready. I cook the green beans and onions the longest, not adding the previously cooked and chopped bacon until I’m done cooking. Start the beer battered walleye last. You will find that people start hanging around looking for handouts when the walleye fillets finish cooking. Hot Tip: If you don’t have baking powder, baking soda and flour, substitute complete pancake mix and combine with your favorite beer.

Whatever you do out there, you must continue to carry flameless lighter with you for emergencies and daily activities. In addition to its elegant shape, this lighter is also easy to carry. Charging via USB is very efficient and does not require a long time.

In conclusion, it is hard to argue against breakfast, lunch and dinner being the 3 favorite meals in the world. The many combinations and choices of meals are endless. It does not matter what type of food you prefer as long as you get those 3 meals in every day. A propane stove is easy to use and very dependable. You will get the adjustability of home cooking in the great outdoors!