Things You Need To Know About Line Haul Trucking

Line Haul Truck Driver: What Is It? and How to Become One?

Here are some things you need to know about line haul trucking. To have a better idea of how it works and how they can assist you in your needs. They might come in handy one day when you have to haul your cars to another place. 

What Is Line Haul Trucking?

Truck drivers who travel the same route and from city to city that can last for two to three days or short routes that can make them at least go home at the end of the day, work in line haul trucking, and they are called line haul truckers. Their responsibilities vary from the ones set by the company they work with. Sure Logix LLC line haul trucking services is one of the companies that is known for its line haul trucking. 

How Much Do Line Haul Drivers Make?

The average line haul driver can earn in a year ranges from $43,000 to $79,000 per year. They have several responsibilities. That’s why they get paid that high. Here are some of the responsibilities of a line-haul truck driver.

  • Drive on a particular route you are assigned to. 

They have a particular route that they drive to and fro. The length of travel depends on the distance of the cities they have to cover for their deliveries. 

  • Responsible for making sure that deliveries are made. 

Deliveries vary from finished products or raw materials from the manufacturing plants or retail to their distribution centers. They are responsible for the condition of the goods they transport from source to the destination. 

  • Check the Vehicles for any Issues

Trucks they use should be in good condition to ensure there are no delays, and they can make the delivery on time. 

  • Responsible for contacting dispatchers and fellow drivers

Communication is important to make sure that their schedules are being followed and their movements are being monitored. 

How to Become a Line Haul Driver?

There are requirements and qualifications needed before you can be employed as a line haul driver. Just like any other job, you have to be able to get qualified before you start driving. Qualifications: 

At least 1 year or more commercial driving experience 

Experience can always be an advantage, especially if jobs are related to driving. Driving does not only involve skills but also attitude since you will be dealing with different types of fellow drivers on the road every day.


  • Class A CDL (Commercial driver’s license) and Spotless Driving Record

Both are important since you will be driving for miles in a day or more. You should be familiar with traffic rules and have followed the laws in your previous driving. This is to make sure that you can handle any situation on the road and is professional enough to avoid breaking traffic rules. 

  • HAZMAT and tankers  Endorsement 

This is needed even before getting hired. HAZMAT stands for hazardous materials. The load you carry might contain hazardous materials, and it is right to be able to know how to handle it to avoid accidents. Getting a complete application and passing the test on HAZMAT is required before getting hired. For the tanker endorsement, most hazardous materials are carried by tankers, so it is also included in the requirement. 

How Does Line Haul Work?

Drivers operate tractor-trailers and carry goods from the point of origin to where they should be delivered. Once the load is taken, the line haul driver is responsible for loading and unloading it to where it should be delivered. 

How A Line haul Truck Is Used?

Line haul trucks are used in carrying loads from one city to another. It can carry cars, equipment, smaller trucks, or loads of freight or goods. Common line haul trucking freight depends on the distance and each company has different rates. 

It’s good to have knowledge of things you need to know about line haul trucking. In that way, you can be familiar with the services just in case you need them. Linehaul truck drivers not only drive but have the overall responsibility to make sure their loads are safe, in good condition, and delivered on schedule. So if you’ll hire one, make sure that the company has drivers who are professional enough to keep your load safe.