What Does an Insurance Broker Do?

An insurance broker earns money by selling insurance to people or companies. Most commissions are around 2% to 8% on policies, depending on state laws. Independent financial advisers work as independent agents on behalf of clients who require specialized advice for their individual needs.

Insurance brokers earn their commission based on the amount of money they sell policies for. They will receive a certain amount of money directly from the insurer or group that underwrites the policy. The rest is up to the insured. Some companies offer refunds, which could be referred to as bonuses. These come in the form of reduced premiums or an increase in the number of accidental deaths covered.

Insurance brokers are registered agents and comply with laws passed by the Department of Insurance. They cannot, however, sell policies for specific individuals. Most have at least a bachelor’s degree in insurance or finance. They must pass examinations administered by the state’s Department of Financial Services.

Licensed Insurance Broker

A licensed Versicherungsmakler in Mannheim has the responsibility of providing consumers with the right information about buying insurance policies. The insurance broker also represents the company by writing an authorized document that states the agreement between the company and the agent. This notary is responsible for maintaining relationships with other companies and working with them to get the best rates available for consumers. Brokers often have inside connections to companies that can provide great rates for policies because they know how to get products into the hands of consumers at the best price point.

Various Services For Consumers

Today, many independent brokers have taken it upon themselves to launch businesses that offer various services for consumers. Some focus on helping small businesses obtain the appropriate amount of coverage. Others provide services to individuals that may not qualify for group coverage from larger employers. Still, others work exclusively with large corporations and government agencies to help small businesses obtain the coverage that they need.


Insurance brokers earn a commission based on the amount of money that they sell a policy through their agency. Although some businesses require an upfront purchase before policy coverage can be arranged, many require an equal amount of credit card payments to be made to procure a policy. Regardless of whether or not a broker requires upfront cash, there is usually a commission fee that is charged when a consumer purchases an insurance policy through the broker. Because most agents receive an upfront commission, the amounts could vary depending on the company and each broker.

The Right Policy

Insurance brokers can assist individuals in locating the right policy for them. They can also provide valuable information regarding any aspects of the insurance industry including obtaining affordable coverage, saving money on premiums, and researching companies to ensure that consumers are getting the absolute best rates available. Insurance brokers can even act as a go-between for a consumer and insurance company if a policy has already been purchased through another agent. In this way, the broker helps the client to obtain insurance at an affordable price. The broker will also help the client save money by eliminating unnecessary waiting periods.

Insurance brokers have an important job and one that should not be taken lightly. Their job is to connect people to the right insurance policy based on their needs and financial situation. Those who use brokers must realize that the quality of their service and the number of contacts that they have made throughout their life can directly affect the type of coverage that they receive and the financial savings that they achieve.