What is the Petrol Price in Chennai?

Petrol and Diesel Prices Today (16 April 2021): Here are fuel prices in  Delhi, Mumbai, Rajasthan, Kolkata, Chennai, check here

Since the time of the lockdown, petrol prices across all states in India have been increasing. There are several factors that influence the petrol prices in a particular state or country. Two of the most important influential factors that determine petrol prices are the taxes imposed on the state and the import duty. Apart from these 2 factors, petrol prices are also influenced by dealer margins. In addition to these, the prices of crude oil as well play an important role when it comes to the petrol price in India today. When the prices of crude oil increase globally, they have an impact on the domestic petrol prices. 

About Petrol Price in Chennai

The prices of petrol in Chennai are changing every day. As there is no production of petrol in India, petrol has to be imported from other countries. As a result, the petrol price in Chennai is determined depending on factors such as import charges, export charges, supply, and demand. As the number of vehicles is increasing by the day, so is the demand for petrol. Usually, the petrol price in India used to change on the 1st and 16th of every month. However, in the current times, petrol prices are changing on a daily basis. 

The current petrol price in Chennai is  ₹102.49 per liter. Here is a list of the petrol prices in Chennai over the period of the last 10 days between July 23, 2021, and August 01, 2021.

DatePetrol PriceChange
August 01, 2021₹102.49 per liter-0.10
July 31, 2021₹102.59 per liter0.10
July 30, 2021₹102.49 per liter-0.18
July 29, 2021₹102.67 per liter0.18
July 28, 2021₹102.49 per liter0.00
July 27, 2021₹102.49 per liter0.00
July 26, 2021₹102.49 per liter0.00
July 25, 2021₹102.49 per liter0.00
July 24, 2021₹102.49 per liter0.00
July 23, 2021₹102.49 per liter0.00

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Final Thoughts

The fuel prices in Chennai continue to fluctuate on a daily basis. Due to such uncertainties in the fuel prices, it is best to keep an eye out on the price before filling up your vehicle. It can be beneficial to use the Citi Indian Oil Citi Credit Card to pay your fuel expenses as it offers several benefits when it comes to fuel. This can help you cut costs on your fuel spends.