Zoopla unveils brand revamp as it taps into UK’s ‘property obsession’

The property company’s CMO Gary Bramall wants to unlock the positivity of moving home with a brand refresh designed to reflect his vision of a “holistic Zoopla”.


Real estate company Zoopla is unveiling a revamped brand identity as it seeks to reposition itself in the crowded property market. Incorporating a new logo, slight change of colour and the introduction of new features and enhancements, the refresh marks the latest stage in the brand’s shift towards a complete offering for buyers and sellers.

The fact the timing of the announcement coincides with the first stages of lockdown lifting was unintentional. The property market has actually remained fairly solid over the past year, meaning there’s not the same sense of anticipation that’s been gripping the retail sector.

Rather, the revamp is part of an ongoing process that began back in 2018 when private equity firm Silver Lake bought the business in a deal reportedly worth £2.2bn.

Zoopla’s CMO Gary Bramall has brought a number of new faces into his marketing function, with just one or two staff still in place from when he arrived at the brand just over two years ago.

“The acquisition, coupled with the transformation in marketing and the transformation in product, as well as the momentum in the market, have basically led us to creating an entirely new brand and identity, to create this holistic Zoopla,” Bramall explains to Marketing Week. “Other than the name, we’ve changed everything.”

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